Rising Up the Table! – A Half season review

We’ve come quite some way since my lost blog post but there has been alot going on behind the scenes with the save and i’ve been looking to delve deeper into a save then i have done before. I’ve taken alot of influence from other bloggers and players so i will reference and link to them below!

This first half of the season has been expectedly up and down. We didn’t get off to the greatest of starts with our opening game against Brighton being a 1-0 loss, our second being a draw against Spurs and our first win in our 3rd game against Crystal Palace. This save i decided to try something new and record the xG for the games we’ve played. I even, to begin with, took all the passes completed and passes received and created xA and xG from Received Passes. I do owe all of this info that enabled me to put this together to FMTahiti/Pelham whose posts over at Dictate the Game provided me with not only the data i needed to make this possible but also the base document that i was able to copy and plagiarise to match my own ideas.

You can see that i opted to change the style and layout ever single game to make the data more clear less time consuming to input.

Ive also drawn alot of inspiration from a chap called FM Jellico, i love a spreadsheet and some of his blogs and videos over on his youtube were really helpful in me putting my workbook together. An area he touched on that i never really delved too deep into in the schedule. I never thought to look any deeper into how it could be used to help me prepare for season ahead, it was always just an area i glazed over and noted important fixtures. Mainly the Merseyside Derby! But, as I’ll show you below, there are so many more benefits. How long is there between games? Do i have the squad depth to play 2-3 games a week or are we included in enough competitions for that to be a problem? Well just add a couple formulae and boom there we go, a schedule with a simple colour format to differentiate the tough games from the easy ones enabling us to, at a glance, view our tougher run ins for the season and where we are expecting to pick up the bulk of our points!

As shown above you can see that we’ve actually done really well this season after a bit of a rough start. To explain the early signs of red, a team requires approx 60 points to qualify for Europe, this number comes from the real life seasons over past 5 years or so. A simple sum of 60 points divided by 38 games “=60/38” provides us with the simple task of having to record 1.8 points per game this season to qualify for Europe. Of course this is FM, and football being football is not something that can so easily b predicted. But atleast we have something to aim towards! Simply put we were in the red because we averaged less then 1.8 points per game all the way until our 5th game of the season and then again until our upturn of form after an Away win against Aston Villa saw us go on a 9 game unbeaten streak.

Morinho got the sack and Spurs hired Carlo Ancellotti. This means my assistant David Ancellotti was destined to leave us the minute the offer from Spurs came in

We did lose the following game to Spurs 2-1 thanks to a late 87″ winner by Berjwin but came back to form with a solid 2-0 win over Brighton. Spurs are having a terrible season and that certainly helps us obtain a higher place in the table whereas Liverpool are running away with the title but as its stands we still have a chance to progress up the table. In our remaining 12 games we play teams from the “big 6” with the other 8 games being very winnable. That being said if we lose these 4 tough games but win the other 8 we will end the season on 74 points which should be more than enough to gain European football.

Ive not really gone into any details regarding the transfers this season but i will do a review of the signings we made at the end of season review. I wanted to analyse their game stats over their attributes which made the first window pretty hard as next to no games had been played…

January was our first experience of analysing their in game stats to assess and analyse who would be best suited to sign, who should be avoided and who we should sell to raise the fees, this will be more of a focus and ill detail the process come the start of next season.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/FmTahiti
DictateTheGame: https://dictatethegame.com/author/pelhamc/
Website: https://fmtahiti.com/
xG Post on DictateTheGame: https://dictatethegame.com/2020/08/21/the-football-philosophy-index/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/FMTahiti

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FM_Jellico
Website: https://fmjellico.com/
Schedule Post: https://fmjellico.com/2019/03/26/of-wages-and-scheduling/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuNGVFe79DFIGqn5Xd_RatQ


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  1. FMTahiti says:

    Nice! I like what you’ve done with the spreadsheet to get more detail player by player for xG, xA etc. Hope it’s not taking you too long to input. I’m hoping a future version of FM has xG and like in as standard to save time.


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